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          NB: The Information forms (2) are not linked to this web page...please phone or email for the forms                        If the Information forms are not received within 1 day, please check your Junk Mail folder or advise.                           Please also include your phone number if requesting the Information forms by email                                                          

Internet Motor & Motorhome & NQ Valuations is an independent written valuation service with a data base containing over 24,000 valuations Australia wide and has experience in the industry that extends over 34 years valuing Motorhomes, Passenger & Commercial vehicles, Trucks, Motor Bikes, Caravans & Plant &Machinery.

Where it is not possible to sight the vehicle, Internet Motor Valuations will assess your vehicle anywhere in Australia from information and photos supplied via the internet and utilise the most up to date data available to provide an accurate independent valuation.    We will phone for further details after we receive the information forms and when we have a chance to attend to same.  Please phone if urgent.                             Turnaround time is normally 1 to 4 days.

CMCA (Campervan & Motorhome Club) of Australia members are eligible for a discount on our regular rates as per our web page & a further 15%-50% discount applies to all updated valuations requested within one years (if required). 

If  you request the forms by email, please include your phone number.                        
Having Any Trouble?               Please email with your phone number or phone John Eggers on 07 4723 2744 or 0418 778 959 (if possible, please do not text) & I will assist to complete your  info forms & answer any questions you may have concerning your evaluation.

                                                               Valuation Rates

                         Please contact for quotes on unique, special or unusual (not the 'run of the mill)                 and RV's  over $250,000                   
                Valuations for TRAILERS ONLY towed by RV's $45....under 4m & over $55.  Trailers by itself: $75                          Please enter your Surname when paying electronically. 
Motor vehicles (Cars & 4WDs)
                              FEE $165
  (CMCA members)  $145 
       Vehicles   combined with 5th     or C'van: + $130 
 All American 4x4             vehicles               the fee is $185              
Motorhome, Slide on 5th Wheeler, Camper         & Caravan  
    Under 5m (16.4ft)                                              FEE $175             (CMCA members)                $155               --------------------------------      Fees for Overseas         Valuations $195             under 9m.               9m & over $215               
Motorhome & 5th     Wheeler, Caravan      5m (16.4ft) to  under 6m (19.6ft) 
FEE $185 
(CMCA members)   $165


All Expedition RV's    & Overseas 9m &            Over $215.            Under 9m $205.                                            
Motorhomes & 5th           Wheeler            6m to under 8m (26ft)  
                                       FEE $195                                         (CMCA members)               $175              -----------------------------                                    8m(26ft) & over
         FEE $215                                    (CMCA members)                 $195                          
 Testamonials from some of our Clients: 

23/1o/22  Thanks John...Great service.   Jan & Jeff   CMCA No: 132944                                                                                                                                            23/1o/22  Thank you for your prompt reply for the valuation report.   Greatly appreciated.  Bill & Sandra,  CMCA No: 73579                                                        o1/10/22  Thank you kindly for the quick response to my valuation request.  Betsie M. CMCA No: N106255                                                                          05/1o/22  Thanks for helping us out and rushing this one through.  Will,  CMCA No: 132815                                                                                                                  28/o9/22 Thank you for your honest valuation, your service was excellent and it was a pleasure chatting to you yesterday.  Koa, CMCA No: 127002              26/11/21   Thank you John for all your help, it's very much appreciated. Janice & Colin                                                                                                                          09/12/2o Thank you very much for your quick & efficient service...We will recommend your service.  Jenni,  Q122534                                                                    16/12/19  Many thanks for your thoughness John.  Vince H.                                                                                                                                                                          29/o3/18 Thanks for the valuation John & thanks for sending it to Ken Tame (KT Insurance).  Tom H.                                                                                              31/12/17  Thanks for doing the valuation so quickly. Sue-Ann & Roger                                                                                                                                                      o8/o9/16 Just wanted to thank you for your quick response. Kay W.                                                                                                                                                            21/12/15  Thank you John for your quick response.  Patrick E.                                                                                                                                                        21/07/23  Thank you for your efficient work.  John & Ursula CMCA W50068                                                                                                                                             19/05/23

Thank you so much John for getting this to us so quickly.  This is the value that I estimated.  Fiona                                        

  • 11/05/23  Thank you John, very much appreciated with the fast turn around.  Jennifer.  CMCA N136102 11/5/23
  • 15/05/23  Thanks John for getting this to us so quickly.  Aimee M.
  • 19/05/23  Thank you soo much for getting on tothis so quickly.  In my head this is the value I was thinking it might be worth.  Fiona Q.
  • 28/06/23  Hi John, thank you for the valuation...I have forwarded it on to KT.
  • 20/07/23  Thank you for your efficient work.  Jurg & Ursula
  • 16/08/23  Thank you for the prompt valuation, really appreciated.
  • 26/05/24  Thank you so very much John...we really appreciate it. Natalia N.
  • 29/05/24  Thank you very much...also appreciate the fast turnaround...have a wonderful day.  Liz CMCA 140254
  • 29/05/24  Thank you for taking the time to do the vvaluation on my campervan.  Sariba CMCA 123744
  • 06/06/24  I appreciate your time in putting the valuation together.  Rolf CMCA 112524
                                                                                                                                                                                            We currently service:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • Insurance and Finance Companies (pre accident & agreed value)
  • CMCA (Motorhome & RV Members)
  • Legal Firms ( property settlements)
  • Accountants & Tax Agents (value of assets), 
  • Custom Agents (import duties) 
  • Car/Campervan Rental Companies (pre accident valuations),
  • Mining Companies (value of assets), 
  • Defense Forces (transfer valuations) 
  • General Public for all purposes.

CMCA members are eligible for a  discount on our regular rates & a 15% discount applies to all updated valuations requested within one (1) year.

For all correspondence just email or phone o418 778 959.          

Phone/Fax: 07 4723 2744  Mobile: 0418 778 959

If paying by cheque, please post to:  D. John EGGERS,  NQ Motor Valuations, Unit 304, 60 Beck Drive Nth., CONDON.  Qld.  4815       

Email:     Web: 

   SWIFT or BIC  code number NATAAU3303M  for overseas transfers.  Fee for all overseas valuation $185.

        National Australian Bank,  420 Flinders St., Townsville City.  Qld.  4810       
BANK: NAB  NQ Motor Valuations   BSB: 084-472    Account No: 119916307

                                                           Sorry, no Credit Card facilities.   ABN: 47 360 391 775      CMCA Member No: Q32567      

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