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Internet Motor & Motorhome Valuations is an independent written valuation service with a data base containing over 18,000 valuations Australia wide and has experience in the industry that extends over 34 years valuing Motorhomes, Passenger & Commercial vehicles, Trucks, Motor Bikes, Caravans & Plant &Machinery.

Where it is not possible to sight the vehicle, Internet Motor Valuations will assess your vehicle anywhere in Australia from information and photos supplied via the Internet, facsimile or post and utilise the most up to date data available to provide an accurate independent valuation.

CMCA (Campervan & Motorhome Club) of Australia members are eligible for a 15% discount on our regular rates & a further 10% discount applies to all updated valuations requested within two years (if required).

Having Any Trouble?
Please email or phone John Eggers please do not TEXT on 07 4723 2744 0418 778 959& I will assist you to complete your valuation as quickly as possible and to explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have concerning your valuation.

Online easy 3 Step Valuation

    For the easy to complete Information     forms just phone or email John Eggers .        If possible, please do not text.                  Please also send the completed Information forms in a separate email to your photos & if possible, send your photos in a Word or PDF format.

     + 61 7 4723 2744  or  0418 778 959 or


If you have problems completing the forms just phone John on 0418 778 959.

Enquiries for all RV's please also advise your phone number, type (MH, 5th Wheel, Slide On, Caravan etc.) length & if it is a factory RV or custom/homemade RV.

 After the forms are received & I have a chance to attend to the valuation, I will also phone when further information  is required.                                          Turnaround time is  normally 1 to 3 days      Please enter  your surname as a reference when paying electronically.  

 The photos required are:

  • Outside one full photo (square on, not on an angle) of the front, rear and two sides - 4 photos
  • Inside at the front take a photo towards the rear - 1 photo
  • From the rear towards the front - 1 photo
  • 2 to 4 more photos inside.
  • total about 8 to 10 photos.

Please endeavour to send your photos medium size (100 k/b to 2 m/b) if larger please send 4 at a time.   Please also ensure the photos are not too DARK.

 Just simply type in your answers and then attach to return with your photos.   Please email forms separate to the photos in a PDF or WORD format to my email address.   If preferred, photos can be sent to my phone, 0418 778 959.         Or simply print out the forms, write in your answers with a BLACK PEN, scan or photo & email or simply post .   

Just phone if you find it difficult to complete the information forms & I will take your details by hand .

 In most cases after all is received your valuation will be returned within one to  three business days & I will phone when further information is required.   

For urgent valuations please phone 0418778959 778 & I'll place it ahead of the ones not so urgent

                                                               Valuation Rates

                                                   For all Overseas Valuations the fee is$185                                                                    
              Please contact for quotes on unique, special or unusual (not the 'run of the mill)                   
and RV's over $300,000 
                              Valuations for Trailers towed by RV's $45....under 4m & over $65.  Trailers by itself: $75 
                                     Please enter your Surname when paying electronically.                                                                                                          

Motor vehicles (Cars & 4WDs)

 CMCA Non Members  

After CMCA 15% discount 

            $145                 Combined with 5th or           C'van: $135 for vehicle. 

All American 4x4 vehicles the fee is $160              

Motorhome, Slide-on 5th Wheeler, Campervan & Caravan 
5 m (16.5ft) & under  

     CMCA Non Members $170 

    After CMCA (Campervan            Motorhome Club of                 Australia) 15% discount                    5m (16.5ft) or under



Motorhome & 5th Wheeler'                   Caravan                      5 m (16.5ft) to 6.5m (21.5ft) 

CMCA Non Members $180

    After 15% CMCA discount   


        Expedition RV's $185            For Unique or unusual      valuations, please contact                  for a quote                The Fee for Overseas Valuations $185  


Motorhomes & 5th Wheeler over 6.5m to 9m (29.5ft)  

CMCA Non Members $195 Expedition RV's $215  

After 15% CMCA discount     Over 6.5m  to 9m (29.5ft)

              $165                Over 9m (29.5ft)     $175 

 CMCA Non Members $205           

We currently service:

  • Insurance and Finance Companies (pre accident & agreed value)
  • CMCA (Motorhome & RV Members)
  • Legal Firms ( property settlements)
  • Accountants & Tax Agents (value of assets), 
  • Custom Agents (import duties) 
  • Car/Campervan Rental Companies (pre accident valuations),
  • Mining Companies (value of assets), 
  • Defense Forces (transfer valuations) 
  • General Public for all purposes.

CMCA members are eligible for a 15% discount on our regular rates & a 10% discount applies to all updated valuations requested within one (1) year.     

                                                            For all correspondence just email or phone o418 778 959.                                                                Please contact for evaluation quotes for unusual, unique or special vehicles (not the 'run of the mill'.  

Trailer fees: $45 under 4 metres and $65 for over.  Trailers by itself:  $75

Internet Motorhome Valuations Currently Service

What Our Clients Say

04/06/22  I thank you for appreciating the valuation of my camper, you done an excellent job.  Armin NSW

o9/04/22  Thank you so much for the easy & speedy has been much appreciated.  Jordon & Jade CMCA No: N129158

28/3/22  Thank you as always for your help.  Majestic Motorhomes  CMCA N0: 40792

19/03/22  Thank you so much for your expedite action...we really appreciate it.  David & Sheila   CMCA No: 126229

02/02/22  Thank you John...that is  fair valuation.  John & Pam  CMCA No: Q64754

18/04/21  Thank you for your prompt attention to my valuation...your service is greatly appreciated.  Ross CMCA No: N97871

04/10/2o  Thank you so much for your exceptional and prompt service.  Colleen & Les CMCA No: T109858

11/09/20  Fantastic...thank you very much for all your help.  Emma CMCA No: N121369

06/09/20 Thank you very much John, we are most appreciative of your help on the weekend.  You have greatly helped us. Bron & Michelle CMCA 121481

14/02/20  Thank you John for your valuation and your support. B. Siegfried. Switzerland CMCA No: 119041

03/02/20  Thank you for your assistance, much appreciated and will recommend to others.  Wendy Read,  KD Legal, Perth W.A.

27/04/18  John, thank you for your updated valuation.   I will recommend you to anyone in our travels who may require your services.  G & B  Qld

30/04/18  Thank you John for the valuation.  I will certainly recommend your company.  Terry H. CMCA No: 109901

07/08/17  Many thanks for your call and valuation.  Pleased to talk to you and I really appreciate your assistance.  Steve E.  CMCA No: 105777

13/12/17  Thanks for your valuation and forwarding to Ken Tame & Associates‚Ķ.very kind.  Sven Giersdore Germany  CMCA No: OS92784

31/10/17  Thanks so much for all your help.  Amanda G.  CMCA  No: 106705 Qld

11/10/17  Thank you for the prompt and thorough valuation. Ross T.  NSW 

22/07/13  We would like to thank you for your prompt valuation and the very courtesy way that you handled it. K & M Sheppard Qld.

05/12/06  Thanks John, it was pleasant doing business with you.  Also thanks for being so prompt.  John & Rhonda J. CMCA No: 42344

Phone/Fax: 07 4723 2744  Mobile: 0418 778 959

If paying by cheque, please post to:  D. John EGGERS,  NQ Motor Valuations, Unit 304, 60 Beck Drive Nth., CONDON.  Qld.  4815       

Email:     Web: 

   SWIFT or BIC  code number NATAAU3303M  for overseas transfers.  Fee for all overseas valuation $185.

        National Australian Bank,  420 Flinders St., Townsville City.  Qld.  4810       
BANK: NAB  NQ Motor Valuations   BSB: 084-472    Account No: 119916307

                                                           Sorry, no Credit Card facilities.   ABM: 47 360 391 775      CMCA Member No: Q32567    


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